What are the most bizzare stereotypes about backpackers?

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This is a compilation of all the stereotypes I have experienced, seen, heard in my travels.

  • If you are a backpacker then you are heartbroken or just recovered from a deadly disease or lost your job or on a work assignment or on a journey to ‘finding yourself’. You simply cannot travel for the love of travelling without having such ‘valid’ reasons above. क्योंकि ऐसे अकेले कौन घुमता है?
  • Backpackers are careless, irresponsible and don’t have any responsibility towards their families. मतलब एकदम आवारा,‌वेल्ला. Most of them are funded by their dads because who travels with their hard earned money which is to be used for your marriage and your kid’s marriage in the future.
  • If you travel with your money then you are super rich and earn in lakhs.
  • If you are a female solo traveller you are independent, bold, fierce and a feminist who hates men. Maybe you eat men for lunch and dinner too.
  • Married people don’t backpack, they are just looking for a reason to run away from their spouses.
  • Backpackers are begpackers*, always looking for cheap stays and deals. Luxury travelling by backpacker is पाप.
  • Backpackers should not be picky and should adjust to anything like giving your seats/window seats to families and then adjusting their kids on your lap as well. Additionally, if you are a woman you are supposed to like kids too.? All because you are alone. अकेले हो, adjust करलो
  • Backpackers sleep around easily – I mean why else would someone travel 1000 km away from my home spending hard money on a trip? Just to get laid – yeah, right ?
  • Backpackers should look like one- Big bagpack, hippie clothes, unkempt, smelly, tanned arms and legs… If you look groomed and smell good after months of travelling have you even backpacked?
  • Backpacking foreigners have truckloads of money. ?
  • Backpackers = Alcohol- Stoner- Hash- grass- cream
  • Backpackers means going through severe hardships like not eating for hours or walking for hours even if you have money for both. Because this is how real travelling is done. 
  • You can’t be a backpacker if you are above 50. If you are then you are on Char Dham yatra or your kids have abandoned you.

Let us know in comments, which stereotypes about travellers you faced while interacting with people.

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