What Is The Craziest Thing You Have Done While Travelling?

Life is amazing when it is surrounded by travelling. While travelling, your heart doesn't stop you doing crazy things or embarking on a new adventure. Let's share t 6 min

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Everyone of you must have done some crazy things while travelling, as it is what gives us wings to fly. Some people just do it to know something. Let me share something from my recent trip. This trip was already intended to be destination of every craziest and weirdest desire we have. So after chilling in Bangalore for 3 entire days, we started our road-trip by RE- classic 350. I was a pillion-rider with a crazy Rajasthani guy Deepak Pareek, a filmmaker who did this trip for getting ideas about his next movie.

First destination was Hogenakkal waterfall, which falls 130 kms from Bangalore in Krishnagiri district of Tamilnadu. Throughout the way, we didn't miss any chance of enjoying the ways and what they had been offering, be it acquaintance with locals, be it seducing food or nature, be it any unusual thing witnessed suddenly.  Every sojourn turned out to be a story holder for us and we didn't forget to talk about life, dreams and travelling. On the night of very first day, we started to head towards-Yercaud after enjoying the rural side Tamilnadu. Yercaud is the famous hill station of Tamilnadu, which is famous for its rare plantation and amazing weather tucked on Shevaroy hills of Eastern Ghats. Its also famous as king of Eastern Ghats.

When we started our journey to Yercaud!

It was around 10:30 pm. The light of entire Salem city had mesmerized us when we started to enter the hilly forest area. We were hungry, but we thought we would find something over hill( this ridiculous prediction was also a part of our bucketlist). 

Some views from hilly roads in forest!

The first forest check-post arrived after few minutes of riding in dense hill. Needless to say, a police officer found himself happy after looking us as a scapegoat. In beginning, he asked for a license and insurance as he saw the parcing of RJ-27 on classic-350. Deepak tried to pretend like a sincere guy and silently showed him an Adhar-card as he didn't have license or any other stuff along with him(Oh, this was also a part of our bucketlist to make this trip more memorable).

Lonely night scene at Yercaud

The cosy wind blended with smelly silence of forest had already dispersed a magic around, but the police officer was droolled to rob us ethically at that time. He didn't know that we are kind of his father, guys with next level as we couldnt be submissive to such things easily. When he was talking about fine, I started to plead for convincing them to let us stay in their tiny cottage that night. The smile of officer said silently that it's better to leave these guys, the way we climbed on their head. And he told suddenly, "please go." 

And this is how we headed towards the most complicated hilly road I ever have seen in my life. The music on little loud speaker, sparkling lights of entire Salem city behind and hairpin-bends throughout the entire road, this combination had been a magic for our fascinating souls.

We reached at the top of hill at around 00:30. Our belly was striking our body very helplessly from all possible forces.  There was a crystal clear silence everywhere around. We found roads full of trucks filled with gigantic local cut woods of eucalyptous. Not a single man was found around like there wasn't any human living at all. The only intense light of lake was producing a luminous lustre over that tiny hill-station. We tried a lot from this end to that end to find something for eating. But we didn't even find anyone to serve anything. Even we knocked the doors of home, whose property was little shining with tubelights outside. After a struggle of one hour, we started banging the door of one bakery, which is said to be only solution to our situation. The man who arose had started to wag his tongue that, "sorry, we couldn't open the door as police must be roaming around."

The bakery, which was opened for us at 2 am

We said, "no one is here, we are hungry and there is no ray of hope in this hill station other than you. Please try to understand. At least allow us to come in silently."

Our kind of dinner?

He made a little space from one side to let us in. Finally we took a sigh of relief after finding ourselves around many tempting food items in bakery. He made a cup-noodles for us with coffee. We also bought some variety of namkeen for belly therapy as it was impossible to find fresh food. Determined to do something new, we had decided that we were not going to stay in hotel. So after seeing good long benches in that bakery shop, we asked those workers that could we stay here for few hours! He laughed for a minute and said with disappointment, "my owner will scold me if he finds this act through CCTV."

We didn't feel good to convince him more. After having a different kind of dinner at 2:30 am in that morning, we came out of bakery. The bus station was exactly in front of that bakery. Entire hill station was pervaded by the flow of fog as clouds were running here and there. Now we had a big deal for our stay, for that particular night. We looked here and there, but didn't find anything good to put our body comfortably. We took ourselves little downside nearby lake. As I found one truck driver awaken, I asked him first about his truck ride and whereabouts. Then suddenly asked that, "can we sleep here in truck for few hours?"

Yercaud lake view at night

He denied but said, "if you want to come towards Rameshwaram side, I can take you along with me. but there is no space for you two to sleep inside."

We thanked him and went ahead. The cold was heavy, still we were finding a good stay option as sunrise was also nearer. Parks were closed, public properties didn't have something we could use for laying down and other places were fully congested. Hopefully we found a bus of tourists nearby one public park. People were sleeping on the floor of one spacious roofed property beside. We asked them, do you have extra mattress as we also wanted to sleep over there, but they denied hopelessly. We again asked that could we find a space inside bus? They said, "the bus is already full of trouists sleeping in."

Now clock was showing 3 am. Our crazy bones still had some energy to keep trying. We tried to look here and there again but didn't find anything. Finally we found our shelter in one small roofed bus-stop, when we were about to go out of that hill station. We put our bike outside. Putting the luggage beneath, we swept the constructed block of benches first. Then, we just extended our legs and slept there. After a struggle with mosquitoes, we packed ourselves with whatever we had as it was the REAL struggle. The jeep of police didn't take much time to arrive at our venue. The circulating faded lights from jeep caught our eyes. He called us and started saying, this is untime like something in local langauge. I said, "sir, this is public property and we are not doing any illegal act here. We are just sleeping here. As morning arrives, we will leave asap from this place as we didn't find any hotel at this time."

Where we spent that crazy night!

After my reply, he grimaced his face and left. This is how we again set at our place and spent our night around barking of dogs and furries of fog. This was the ultimate experience we had on the very first day of our journey, which rendered a lot of things afterwards to think upon many human lives.

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