Magical Ride to Mahendragiri

Kyu Darein Zindagi me kya hoga, kuch na hua toh Tajurba hoga ! Bhubaneshwar-Gopalpur-JirangMonastery-Gandhahathi-Mahendragiri-Bhubaneswar (650Km)6 min


Almost every ride since I shifted to Bhubaneshwar is filled with adventure, thrill and unforgettable experiences. Expect Snow and Deserts one can experience almost all the colors of nature at its best. As it’s almost impossible for me to rest my butt on weekends, I often ride deep into the nature to listen to the whispering secrete of the universe.

As biking buddies from _group had suggested about the place called Mahendragiri Hills, without a second thought I decided to visit the place. And after the Saturday’s hectic and boring day, gathering all the enthusiasm I decided to head towards Mahendragiri Hills. But as covering the entire route was not possible, I decided to take a halt at around 165kms  from Bbsr at a place called Gopalpur, when the clock had already struck 7:30pm and the city had already started taking rest.

As the  Govt. Guest house was already equipped, feeling disappointed I booked a room in a nearby lodge at tariff-300
But as they say, “There is reason behind everything”. As I stepped inside the room, I was amazed by the perfect location of the room. The view from the balcony was breath taking! The sea facing room from which the light house was clearly visible was like a perfect romantic scene from Yash Raj movie!

Turning on the light music and taking the wine in hand, I enjoyed literally every moment of the evening. Next morning I woke up early just to witness the sunrise view from the Gopalpur Beach.Gopalpur BEACH is known for  relaxing, offbeat, non chaotic sea beach for sea lovers. Ruins of port built during British still lying near the beach.

 Beautiful colourful graffiti can be seen on the buildings near the beach. The fresh morning wind passing though your hairs and the whistling sound of waves makes you forget all the worries in the world! 

I cannot agree more to the statement, “Nature is the best Doctor, which heals you without taking fees”Although I was not in mood to leave the exotic view of Gopalpur Beach off my eyes, I wanted to explore new places as well.So packing up all the luggage and kick starting the bike I decided  to visit the Jirang Monastery, which is known as Mini Tibet of India, situated in Gajapati district of Odisha.
The road passes through the Jungle route which is approximately 8 kms surrounded by tall tress trying to kiss the sky and lusty green forest.

This stretch of 8kms is quite lonely and one  may not able to find even a single vehicle or localalites on the way. It feels as if you are riding through Himalayan regions while heading towards Jirang . At the same time adding to the beauty of the route traditional  Tibetan Buddhist flags are surrounded on both the sides of the road. And it makes one feel as if he is in some buddhist state of Himachal or Leh while approaching towards Monastery. 

Amidst the verdant surroundings in Jirang near Chandragiri of Gajapati district, stands the beautiful Padmasambhava Mahavihara monastery, reportedly the largest in eastern India.It’s almost to Bylakuppe, Karnataka which I had visited during my pune-Kanyakumari-Pune Ride.

 The colony which houses the monastery is Buddha Vihar (the land of happiness and plenty) and area is popularly known as a mini Tibet in Odisha. It is a part of the Rigon Thubten Mindolling monastery that was part of the Tibetan settlement near Chandragiri. 

The monastery is named after Acharya Padmasambhava, who was born in Odisha and is believed to have spread Buddhism to Tibet in 7th century.
As it was Sunday Morning, the little innocent Monks were enjoying the holiday.

I felt as if I have entered some Dharamshala. The laughter, fun and masti they were having was worth clicking on the camera. No doubt childhood is the best time of life!
As Chandragiri is situated above the sea level, the weather was soothing and was covered with clouds.
After having chit chat with the little innocent Monks,  I got to know about  nearby Waterfall called Khasada.
And these kids were so amazed after looking at the bike and the camera that they held my hand and leaded me towards the waterfall. They were going for taking bath and all I wanted to click their sineless faces!

The Khasada waterfall is now one of the  famous pilgrim point for all the people staying at Bhubaneshwar.Interestingly, those who go to Jiranga usually go to Khasada ( like a picnic spot) as there is facility for delicious and mouth watering food and fresh drinking water from the stream.
After capturing almost all the beauty I could in the camera, I kick started the bike towards the Mahendragiri, which was the actual planned spot.

For all the nature lovers, I suggest you should ride through the 2nd highest range of Odhisa-Mahendragiri. The route is covered with hilly terrain on all the four sides and the various shades of green you witness will make you go crazy! Like a cherry on the cake, the soothing wind kisses you on the cheeks.
Just 20kms before the Mehendragiri, I stopped for a Chai break at a tapri.
The owner of the tapri seemed to be an intresting person and greeted me with a big smile on his face. The talks and the conversation he was having with everyone coming to his tapri was really remarkable!
Due to my biking jacket, dusty face and the camera, he was eager to know about which places I have been to, where I am going and everything. In
between the conversations he told me about Gandahathi waterwall stating that it’s the best place for photography.
At first I was not really willing to go there, as it was not in my planned route. But when the person told its hardly 10kms away from where I was. I decided to give a thought and I must confess it was best descion ever!
As told by Chai wala, it wasn’t 10kms, itwas around 20kms but the dense jungle road passing through the bushes, the lonely dusty road and the cloudy weather literally took all the tiredness out of my body!

 The clouds seems to be chasing my bike and the small but countless waterfalls on the way was magical. Adding to it was the gigantic view of  elephant shaped waterfall enclosed by dense green trees amidst forest coverage. Near the waterfall there is a beautiful park for children.

‌As the clock was already showing 3:00pm, without spending much time I left for Mahendragiri. On my way back, I again stopped at the same Chai yapro and thanked him for letting me know about heavenly place and in lieu of that I had 2 extra cups of tea!

The road to Mahendragiri was stunning, with the lush and rolling landscape. It can be strenuous to reach the top of this beatific destination but the rewarding views on the way are something that will motivate your  bike to keep moving . 

With clouds engulfing each turn and thick greenery encompassing every corner, climbing atop Mahendragiri is just amazing!

However I couldn’t rode to the peak as last 6km was not motorable as it was  slippery due to rain. If you have to reach at the peak then you will have to trek all the 6kms.
As I had to start the return journey through the hilly route before sun waves Goodbye for the day, I dropped the plan to trek.

The return journey was not that good as I was in no mood to go back! Having light dinner at nearby dhaba  reached Bhubaneshwar around 11.00pm.
Although the ride was bit hectic, the closeness to nature and the strangers on the way taught many things and I discovered answers to many questions! May be this is the only reason which motivates me to go on more and more solo rides!

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