Meghalaya- The Perfect Combination Of Nature For Travellers!

Meghalaya means "abode of clouds" in Sanskrit. There is no such beautiful place then Meghalaya when it comes to nature!4 min


Everyone has one inner-traveller within, who has a long list of desires related to places of such different existence or activities to do. After exploring almost entire Meghalaya, I could say that no other destination can quench the multi desired thirst of one definite traveller better than it.

What is Meghalaya?

Placing Khasi, Gharo and Jaintia( the eastern-lower Himalayan hill-range) hills in the heart, Meghalaya state is existing surreally from the rest of world. When we talk about Meghalaya, two things suddenly come into our mind, highest rain and cleanest state. But do you know that it treasures everything for one keen wanderer if he wants to absorb the real natural beauty?
Meghalaya means "the abode of clouds" in Sanskrit. The mountainous sculpture of Meghalaya with Archean rock formation makes it more unique. Be it wonderful cloud-studded peaks or be it shadowed creeks, be it colourful hills or be it verdant valleys, be it rivers with crystal-clear water of various colours or be it the caves made up from the large rocks, be it countless waterfalls or be it silent streams of water, be it living root bridges or be it ingeniously made bridges in the dense forest, be it entirely silent terrains or be it green deserts, be it mesmerizing scenery all the way or be it breathtaking weather all the day. This is all about Meghalaya- a plinth to peace and a nest of nature which definitely could plunge you with adrenaline in a simple way.
Let me note down some amazing places you shouldn't forget to visit, whenever you find yourself in Meghalaya.

1) Shillong

The capital of this state, which is the mesmerizing hill-station; famous as "Scotland of the east". This city runs on its' own rhythm, where you will end up losing your heart in colourful streets, wonderful flowered houses and appeasing weather. It's far better than overhyped hill-stations like Shimla and Manali.

Wards lake Shillong!
2) Cherrapunjee(Sohra)

Who hasn't heard this name? Apart from getting the highest rain and wettest place on the planet, this place has a lot to offer. The caves-Mawasmai is famous one( there are many hidden caves too nearby it where you need local guides to explore), Nohkhalika and Seven Sister waterfall( but there are many unknown waterfalls as it is a treasure of cascades).

Famous Nohkhalika waterfall

3) Nongriat

The small village, which is famous all over the world due to having a natural Magic-The double-decker root bridge. It is made up entirely of roots of trees, used by the locals during heavy rain. The down trek of few km through the dense forest is potent to give a feast to your eyes, where you could witness the plethora of waterfalls in front of your eyes, a large number of clouds lingering over your head and scattered homes of nestled villages in the dense valley.

Double decker root bridge!
4) Dawki-Shnongpdeng

Situated at the Indo-Bangladesh border in the bottem-est part of the valley, these small villages are famous for the crystal clear water of Umngot river. You can enjoy boating, swimming, cliff-jumping and so many other adventurous activities at Riverside.

5) Mawlynngong

It is Asia's cleanest village, where you will question yourself that how can one tiny village be like this! The ancient famous living root bridge of this village still stands with pride of ingenious locals. Don't forget to visit Nowhet viewpoint, which is a few km far from this village.

6) Krangshuri

One of the most beautiful waterfalls nestled in the mid of dense forest, which would probably give you reminiscent of Bahubali movie. You can find water of blue and greenish colours in the morning. Boating and swimming at this place is a pure bliss for any traveller.

Krangshuri waterfall!
7) Kongthoung 

It is famous as whistle village, where people still use various kind of blowing whistles to call someone as it is the identity of people like what we have as names. Do give it a visit, if you want to know how can people communicate with each other through whistles.

8) Nongkhnum

It's the country's second largest river island, which lies away from the normal world. This terrain has a lot of green deserts and this particular island holds many hidden waterfalls. The single and silent way to this island is literally jaw-dropping as surroundings lie with greenish blanket wearing over it. The green meadows and landscapes will surely inject a thrill in your heart.

Nonghknum island
The people of this state are so decent, disciplined and welcoming. You will find a peace at any place or any time. The cultural diversity, natural beauty and mystic existences of places make it more wonderful to explore as recently world's largest cave is found nearby Mawsynarom-"Krem Puri", which is 24 km long. As I said, there are a lot of treasures this state holds silently. Only the upcoming time will say about it. So muster this mesmerizing Meghalaya in your mind and add it in your bucket list, if you haven't.

Which all places do you love to experience in Meghalaya? Let us know in comments.


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