Do You Believe In Conspiracy Of Universe – ft. Krangshuri?

Travelling exposes us to many magical events, which might fall us questioning like is this possible even? But yes, universe works magically5 min


We all are much aware of quotes related to the conspiracy of the universe. But how much do we have experience of that fact in reality? So let me tell you a story, a story of how universe conspires to help travellers for their hunger.

When we started our journey!I joined one insane rider named Sachendra Pal, when he entered Meghalaya. Actually, he had been travelling for more than 50 days than in the entire North-East, in which the Meghalaya state was the last. We started our journey from West Jaintia-Hills district. Our first destination was Dawki, a famous nestled village with a crystal clear water river at the Indo-Bangladesh border. I knew that 25 km ahead from Dawki on Jowai road, there is one amazing place named-Krangshuri. It's a waterfall nestled in the dense forest which is actually the result of accumulated green water in the river like rivulet surrounded by a verdant stretch of forest. 

We had planned to go directly Dawki from Jowai, but I told him to visit this place. When we arrived there at evening time, there was no one. There was a time for sunset yet. It' down trek from the peak to reach at the waterfall, which is around of 20 minutes hike. But Sachendra told me, that we will go there in the morning. I didn't know the reason behind his strange act, but I just nodded in agreement. 

Peak from where trek starts to Krangshuri

Where we spent our night!

After wandering around at the peak, we thought we should pitch our tent at that place. But as surrounded by the fear of heavy rain, we roamed around to find something else for our shelter. Fortunately, we found one hut made up of the basic bamboo things, in which the kettles, mattresses and a corner with the blanket were placed. There was no one, not even single animal. 

Having egg-maggie in a local house!

We just put our luggage in and went to the village for bringing something like Maggie or else. People here only speak Khasi or Jaintia, which are their local languages. We were actually nearby Jowai, the land which is famous for its colourful landscapes and natural resources as coloured stone, limestone and coal, which are found here in the abundant amount. After entering into one little home, we convinced one local lady to make a maggie as finding wood in that cloudy-wet area was impossible to fire. Talking about the rider's entire journey of 50 days in North-East India, we enjoyed Maggie and left towards the peak point through that single rough road.

Scenic spot!We didn't know about the owners of that little property even. But after 30 minutes, we met those amazing guys who just got back from encountering one new hidden waterfall around. They were also travelling enthusiasts as they were looking for a new venture to do there. They wondered seeing us there, but when I and Sachendra started talking, they showed their interest more. This is the love and bonding of travellers with other travellers, that only could be understood by them. We talked a lot about travelling and various start-up as they too were on the way to do surreal things in that field.

Donbok, the founder of Krangshuri~They enforced us with excitement to go down, exactly nearby the mighty Krangshuri waterfall, which is around a trek of 20-30 minutes downside. We just kept our luggage there and went downside.

Mesmerizing Krangshuri waterfall!Our rendezvous was one little cafe like the restaurant(the one and only), from where we could easily hear the gigantic gushing voice of the waterfall. We again talked about every little thing of NE, be it a tribal trend, be it a hidden place, be it bizarre plant or animal or human existing there(of course while having some chips, spicey pork and Imperial blue's hot pegs). We were complete strangers, but after seeing us talking like that, no one could even figure out that fact. This is all magic travelling offers actually. 

All happy faces!

Fun with boating!

And this is how I also got one amazing story, the man DONBOK- a local guy, who just discovered that place 2 years back. He single-handedly made ways from highway to the main point, the adorning of down trek with bamboos, the tent site nearby waterfall, the swimming and boating equipment with picnic point, the restaurant even on his own investment as the government has not given anything yet. But he said now the government is about to extend their hands as this place has got a great fame and govt is going to invest 4 crores there instead of famous Shnongpadeng. He said I never imagined that in this short time, the people would go mad like this for this place.

Oh Yes Abhi!

The joy of swimming!

We talked for more than 3 hours around that breezy plinth and then our we came to our sojourn after climbing up. They invited us for boating in next morning even. But my mind was surrounded by a storm of many questions around, that how MAGICALLY this universe actually works.

Serene trails of KrangshuriIn morning, we again came down to witness the amazing scenery there. The greenish shade of water already drove us crazy, but still, they came with us personally for swimming, boating and everything. I found it better than Dawki and Shnogpdeng as no rush, better clear water, a scenic way for boating in the mid of forest, sheer peace and what not!

Krangshuri as seen from above!

So this is how we met such amazing guys just because of universe's indirect game and they also told this while having a tea that how we were destined to meet!

1) We were not about to go to that place, but our gut feeling brought us there.

2) We didn't visit the waterfall at evening as he strangely said to stay on the peak for that night, otherwise, we would have visited it at evening, but couldn't meet them.

3)There was raining on that day, so they people couldn't come back from the place they went, otherwise they would have gone on that evening as scheduled by them.

4)They found our bike in front of the hut, so came to us late night. Otherwise, if we had gone there in the morning, we wouldn't have met them as they must have found us those normal tourists.

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