Canyon that cherished me

Gandikota - Grand Canyon of India2 min

Grand Canyon of India

Hey!  How many of you know that we do even have a grand canyon in India? I’m not kidding you!! Isn’t it breathtaking? Hmmmmmm indeed.

My mind left blank for a while when I knew it resembles the grand canyon of Arizona and it’s in the top of my bucket list to see Arizona’s grand canyon. So I thought why not to give it a try to see this astonishing and beautiful gorge.

My heart was on fire after watching a video randomly on YouTube about Grand Canyon of India. My soul urged me to rush immediately to the canyon ever since I watched the video. The feeling I’m going to experience and feel the canyon landed me on cloud nine. Trust me I was there immediate next day after watching the video without any second thought.

My journey was horrible but enjoyed it. Sun was hitting hard cause it was summer, sweat was dripping from my body, drenched in sweat. Intake of litres of water couldn’t compensate the heat of the sun but the cool breeze touched my soul kicked me off to indulge in the mesmerizing beauty of the canyon.

Reached the cliff, closed my eyes, widened my hands and took Ten long deep breaths, made me forget all the setbacks of my life and felt vibes along with oxygen passing through my body cells and rejuvenating them with new hopes in my life.

Oh my gosh! What a beauty this universe has gifted us to feel.. this 300 feet depth, 250 feet wide gorge, red coloured steep rocks and the Penna river cuts through it Bewitched my mind. I just forgot myself feeling that beauty.

Gandikota fort has got a lot of history one has to body jerked at the history and rulers of fort… Simply mind-blowing experience.

Oh, my dad!!! really???

Then Why don’t you tell me where the hell is that???

How can I gotta go there?

oh I’m sorry

Here I’m…

A small village named Gandikota formed near this beautiful canyon in Andhra Pradesh. This village is under Jammalamadugu constituency in Kadapa district.

You can reach here either by bus or train.

 Kadapa > Jammalamadugu > Gandikota 


 Tadipatri > Jammalamadugu > Gandikota 

From Tadipatri it’s just 40kms but transportation facilities are feeble.

From Kadapa you can get numerous buses to Jammalamadugu, it’s 60kms from Kadapa.

Every year the Gandikota carnival has been eventuating for 4-5 days at the end of January or mid of February, you can witness many locals, non-locals, Tollywood celebrities and many officials from different regions. Apparently, many Tollywood firms have been shot here. It’ll be like a big fair. I’ve been told that even boat rides too available on that occasion. Skywalk works too under process, hoping for 2019 fair.

Meet you there at the festival…

Thank you for reading.









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